PVB Services for Your Business

Business Deposit Accounts

Free 100 Business Checking:

  • Unlimited Check Writing
  • No Minimum Balance Charge
  • No Charge for 1st 100 Items per statement cycle
  • 25 cents/item over 100

 Business Checking:

  • Unlimited Check Writing
  • Low Minimum Balance Charge if  Minimum Balance is Less than $2,500

 Commercial Analysis Checking:

  • Unlimited Check Writing
  • For Businesses with a  High Number of Transactions
  • Earnings Credit can offset Analysis Charges

 Other Business Services

  •  PVB ANYWHERE Internet Banking & Online Bill Pay-View your transactions, make transfers & more online
  •  PVB Desktop Deposit & PVB FaxTeller Plus - Deposit checks directly from your own office with a special machine or from your own fax machine
  •  ACH Origination of Debits & Credits –       Automatic deposit for your entire payroll
  •  Merchant Credit Card Services - Processing for your credit sales
  •  Night Depository - Available at all PVB Branches
  •  Wire Transfer - Domestic and international funds transfers
  •  Safe Deposit Boxes - Secure off-site storage for your important records.  Sizes and availability vary by branch.
  •  Overdraft Protection
  • Business Credit Card Access (Card Payments and Customer Service)

 Attention ACH Originators

 2016 FRB Holiday Schedule

NACHA Guidelines for ACH Originators




Commercial Loans


Electronic Banking

(ACH and Payroll)

Tony Spiegelberg (304) 586-5534       Kay Roberts (304) 586-5529
Randall Coleman (304) 965-2600 Carol Raines (304) 984-3267
Marshall McNeer (304) 984-3265  Teresa Nary (304) 577-9430 
Rocky Young (304) 586-5531    

Cash Management Services


Business Bill Pay

Kay Roberts  (304) 586-5529  Kay Roberts (304) 586-5529 
          Carol Raines (304) 984-3267
    Teresa Nary (304) 577-9430 

Merchant Credit Card Services


Desktop Deposit

Kay Roberts  (304) 586-5529  Kay Roberts (304) 586-5529
Integrity Partners (Jami Walters)  (304) 617-5240 Carol Raines (304) 984-3267
    EFT Network (800) 492-2794

Visa Customer Support 

Walton Office  (304) 577-9430     


Disclosures:  Additional terms and conditions may apply to PVB products.  For complete details regarding our business banking products and services, please contact a PVB representative and see disclosures for details.




Internet Banking

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